People Counting

Xenometric’s software can collect data from many of the most popular people counting devices. The majority of people counting devices can communicate over your private network or over the Internet. This allows us to offer our Web Reporting and database on your server or on our cloud server. We can also collect counts from legacy systems, including counters with relays and systems with existing data in databases or files.

Milesight’s VS133 time-of-flight sensor can differentiate adults/children and detect staff. The sensor can push real-time and historic data to Xenometric’s software over public and private networks. Multiple units can be stitched to cover wide entrances.

Irisys’ cameras use thermal imaging to accurately count people in most locations. Xenometric’s software can collect people count data from Irisys counters using a push or pull mechanism. We can also take a data feed from Irisys’ Estate Manager if you want to use our cloud reporting. Xenometric collects counts from many thousands of Irisys cameras around the world.

Configuring a Brickstream Counter for Delivery to Xenometric’s X-ServerBrickstream cameras use stereoscopic imaging to track pedestrians of a minimum height across the field of view. Xenometric collects data from thousands of Brickstream cameras simultaneously.

Optex’s Akribos camera is a monocular, multi-directional video camera that uses 3D modelling to track people across the scene. Xenometric can collect data from the Akribos using the Optex’s built-in FTP, HTTP or MQTT mechanisms.

Xovis have a range of stereoscopic cameras that use AI to track pedestrians across a 3D scene. The Xovis cameras can push data over HTTP to Xenometric’s X-Server.┬áMultiple units can be stitched to cover wide entrances.

Control by Web produce a range of WebRelays units that can collect counts from legacy counters that use relays to output individual counts. The legacy counters can include IR beam, car-park loops, older Irisys cameras, turnstyles and many more. Xenometric can collect the counts over the Internet from WebRelays.