We provide software for the collection and reporting of data from primarily people counters. We can integrate your existing counters or advise you on where to purchase and install new cameras.

Xenometric was founded in 2009, based on over 20 years of experience in developing people counting and retail analysis solutions.

We work closely with people-counter hardware manufacturers, system installers and retail customers to develop products that will help you understand, improve and optimise your business.

We are completely independent and do not have any commercial arrangements to recommend specific technologies or partners. We are always happy to recommend technologies, installers or analysts if requested.

We develop all our own software and provide support for all the products that we release. 

Xenometric is based in Worcestershire, UK, but produces software for customers in the Americas, Asia, Australasia and Europe.

Xenometric’s software is primarily developed by Richard Gallois. Richard joined FootFall in 1996 and was R&D manager for FootFall and latterly Experian FootFall till 2009. Since then Richard has been developing software for Xenometric.