It is important to know when a sensor is experiencing difficulties. The quicker we are alerted to a potential fault, the less chance of data loss or incomplete totals being viewed. Xenometric’s alerting module provides timely email alerts.

Our automated software continuously checks the health of all sensors and will send an email as soon a sensor breaches the rules we apply.

We can tailor the alerting rules for each sensor. We understand that some customers keep their sensors online 24/7, whilst others power down their sensors or network outside of trading hours.

The alerting module is a standard component of the X-Server and XenoCloud. X-Server and XenoCloud are the same software, but X-Server is installed on your private server and XenoCloud uses our secure server on the Internet.

Our alerting module works with all sensor types, including Irisys, Flir Brickstream, Optex, Xovis and any sensor we collect via digital IO.