Xovis Logics

With the release of Xovis’ version 5 firmware, there are big changes to the way that data is delivered to Xenometric. This applies to local installations of Xenometric’s software and Xenometric’s Cloud Server. Xovis Logics is a new way of splitting the logic of people counting from the delivery of data.

The Xovis Logics concept in firmware 5 has split the data delivery into two components. Firstly, there are Connections, which describe how the camera will connect to a server. Secondly there are Agents, that describes which data is to be sent and the format of the data. Each Agent must have a Connection assigned to it. 

Xenometric supports the older legacy Xovis data push mechanism and the newer data push of Xovis Logics. Xovis sensors with pre-version 5 firmware will keep their legacy data delivery options when the firmware is updated to version 5+. This will continue to work with the Xenometric software. New sensors with version 5 firmware can be configured to use the new Logics data push.

With version 5 firmware we can add real-time data delivery with MQTT. The real-time delivery is in addition to the standard data push, so you will still receive the regular aggregated counts that are safely stored on the sensor. The real-time counts supplement the standard data, so we can report on pedestrian flows immediately.

We collect real-time and historic data from Xovis sensors. For more information on how we collect data, please visit our data collection page. Once the data is in our cloud or on your server’s database, we can offer a range of reporting options, such as web reporting

Download the full Xenometric manual on how to configure Xovis cameras for data delivery.